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Τα ιστορικά αθλητικά και προσωπικά κοσμήματα του Έλληνα Ολυμπιονίκη Χαρίλαου Βασιλάκου στο Μουσείο Μαραθωνίου Αγώνα

Athletic and personal jewels of the first Greek Champion in the history of Marathon Race (March 10, 1896) and the second Champion in 1896 decorate since Thursday, April 4, 2013 the Marathon Race Museum. The grandchildren of the Greek Olympic Champion Harilaos Vasilakos, Haralampos Vasilakos and Helen Vasilakos donated to …

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Συλλογή Σπύρου Λούη – Πρώτος Έλληνας Ολυμπιονίκης Μαραθωνίου Δρόμου

S pyridon (“Spyros”) Louis (Greek: Σπυρίδων “Σπύρος” Λούης, sometimes transliterated Loues; January 12, 1873 – March 26, 1940) was a Greek water-carrier who won the first modern-day Olympic marathon at the 1896 Summer Olympics, thereby becoming a national hero. Louis was born in the town of Marousi, which is now …

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Συλλογή Βαλκανιονίκη, Πρωταθλητή και Ειρηνιστή Γρηγόρη Λαμπράκη

Grigoris Lamprakis, Politician and Assistant Professor at Athens University, was born in 1912 Kerasitsa of Tegea, where he finished high school. Then he studied Medicine in the University of Athens. From his juvenile years, he had a particular tendency towards sports, and was nominated many times Balkan Games medalist in …

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Συλλογή του Μαραθωνοδρόμου Στέλιου Κυριακίδη

The greatest Greek Marathon Runner Stylianos Kyriakidis was born in the village Statos of Pafos in Cyprus in 1910 and died in Athens on December 10, 1987.  In 1946 during the Civil War in Greece, he decided to take part in the famous Boston Marathon. In order to provide for …

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